Sabong, or cockfighting, is a popular blood sport in the Philippines. It’s also a popular online game, with many websites and app operators offering betting services at s888 live login. If you’re new to sabong betting or looking to up your game, here are six tips to help you win.

Four Tips for Betting on Sabong

Sabong is a game of chance, but there are ways to increase your chances of winning. Here are four tips that will help you win more bets on sabong games online:

1.     Know the Rules of the Game:

The first step to winning any game is to know the rules. This is especially true for betting games such as sabong. Make sure you understand how the game is played and what the betting options are before you place any bets.

2.     Past Study Matches:

Before betting on any sabong match, it’s essential to do your research and study past matches between the two birds involved. Look at their weight, experience levels, and how they have fared against similar opponents. This information will give you a good indication of which bird is more likely to win and help you place your bets accordingly.

3.     Be Aware of Fitness Levels:

Fitness levels can play a significant role in determining the outcome of a sabong match. A bird in better shape will have more stamina and be able to keep fighting even when its opponent is flagging. If one bird looks fresher than the other when they enter the ring, this is a good indication that it’s the favorite to win, and you should bet accordingly.

4.     Look for Tells:

In addition to being physically fit, sabong birds need to be mentally tough to win matches. Handlers will often look for tells in their opponents’ body language that indicate fear or fatigue. If one bird appears shaky or unwilling to enter combat, it could indicate that it will lose, and you should bet against it.


Following these six simple tips, you can vastly improve your chances of winning money betting online on sabong games. First, always research before placing any bets and never gamble with more money than you’re willing to lose; if you stick within your limits, success will follow!